Color Sky Lanterns- 10 Pack Special


Chinese Sky Lanterns

High Quality Rated ?????

 Light-weight, easy to use. Flies up to approximately 1000 meters

Dimensions: 16″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 27″ (H)

FREE Shipping to US & Canada

Package Contents:

10 Sky Lanterns- Mix colors: Blue, Red, Purple, White, Yellow, Green Orange, Pink

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Celebrate the season, wedding, party or memory of a loved one with Colorful Sky Lanterns! Fuel cell made from an environmentally safe and non-hazardous wax. Lantern is made from a flame resistant material as an extra layer of safety. Easy to use, easy to carry and light.

Comes with 10 Sky Lanterns in each pack. Mixed colors, which are Blue, Red, Purple, White, Yellow, Green Orange and Pink.

FREE Shipping to US & Canada

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Color Sky Lanterns (10 Pack Special)

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**Note: We assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of Sky Lanterns, neither shall we incur any liability for damages or penalties related to the use of this product. Sky Lanterns should only be used under close adult supervision and should never be ignited indoors. Avoid using  near trees, buildings, power poles and or anything that could potentially hinder flight of the Sky Lantern. Also some areas prohibit the use of Sky Lanterns. Therefore it is your responsibility to confirm the laws in your state/city/area before using.


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